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Chapter One:

This is Going to be a Long Summer…

“Bye Lucy!”

“No, wait! I changed my-“ A blonde haired woman started, waving her only free arm back and forth before she was cut off by the very car that brought her here, “…mind…” She sighed as she turned around, seeing a group of girls around her age come walking up, some boys just staring in the distance.

The smallest of the group of girls smiled and she was the first to say something. “Hi there! Are you the new counselor?”

The blonde nodded, “Yeah… This is Camp Fairy Tail… right?” Some the other girls giggled.

“Hehe, I already like you! I’m Levy by the way…” And Levy started introducing all the girls, each giving the blonde a smile and a small wave. “So what’s your name?”

She smiled, “I’m Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia. And it’s nice to meet you all!”

Lisanna smiled as she pointed over to the boys, “And those idiots should be here soon… So I’ll get you a head start on who’s who.” Lucy nodded, happily going along with her idea. “Alright, so the guy with long, black hair is Gajeel-“

“My boyfriend!” Levy cheered, grinning ear to ear. Everyone but Lucy sighed.

“Yes, her boyfriend… Anyways, the other guy with black hair is Gray-“

“Juvia’s soon-to-be boyfriend!” Now Juvia piped in, fangirling over the guy. Everyone else sighed again this time face palming.

“Anyways…” Lisanna growled, getting pretty mad, “The guy with blue hair and tattoo-thing on his eye is Jellal – And yes Erza, we know he’s your boyfriend too!”

“But I wasn’t going to say anything.” The red haired chick said, frowning a bit.

“Oh, sorry then.” Cue awkward silents… “Well back to this!” Lisanna filled out the moment, Lucy sighing in relief within herself. “The guy with spiked up blonde hair Laxus, he’s nice once you get to know him. And the guy with green hair is Freed, Mira’s boyfriend. And the last guy is-“

“Me!” Everyone jumped in surprise as Lucy turned to see and guy grinning oh-so-happily, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “I’m Natsu!” He pulled back his arm back and held it out, “Nice to meet ya Luigi!”

“It’s Lucy.”

“Oh, well hi!” He grinned again, waiting for Lucy to shake his hand.  She hesitantly put her free hand in his, shaking it up and down. (THAT IS NOT WHAT SHE SAID!)

Soon enough, the other guys walked up to meet Lucy, welcoming smiles on all of their faces. Some of the boys even took some of her bags and brought them in the main building, where they were sat down with everyone else’s bag.

“Hey Luigi! You should sit by me!” Natsu ran like a little kid over to a table inside the dining area, where they were meeting with the owners to see who’s with who as far as counselors go. Smiling, the pink haired man-child patted the spot next to him.

Lucy growled, “My name is Lucy… Not Luigi…”

He blinked, then shrugged, “Well sit be me anyways!”

“Why? I just met you?”

“You just met everyone else too! Why won’t you sit with me?!” He pouted, again looking like a little kid. She couldn’t help but let a little snicker out has she sat down next to him.

“There, you happy?”


“Ooooh! I see a couple forming!” Lucy felt her face heat up as Levy sang those very words, taking the sit on the other side of the blonde. Gulping, she shook her head side to side.

“I just met him!” She yelled, pointing at the guy next to her (who wasn’t paying any attention to the conversion at all), “How on earth would that make sense!”

The blue haired girl shrugged, “It doesn’t have to make sense I guess, cause it’s happening right now!” She sang again, an even bigger smile on than before.

This is going to be a long summer… Lucy sighed as she watched three younger looking girls walk out of the hallway that led to the kitchen, one still chewing something.

“Hey Levy-chan!” The one with long black hair smiled as she and the other two girls sat down at the wooden table.

“Hello girls!” She waved back to them, a smile still on her small face. “And what is Kenzie eating now?” She then asked, tilting her head to the side a little.

“To hell if I know, you know she’s just like Natsu, real sister or not.”

A gulp from the brown haired girl that sat across from Lucy and she was back in the game that never started, “Listen here Pussy Kat! I’m nothing like that dense idiot over there!” Lucy blinked as she followed the girl’s line of sight that led to Natsu, who was talking to everyone else on the other side of the table.

“Hey Sparky,” The same girl from before started again, an evil look to her eyes. She held her arm up and pointed at the window behind the brown haired girl before saying, “Look over there!”

With excitement all over her face, Kenzie turned around, her sky blue eyes darting everywhere she could see out the window. When she heard laughing coming from the one who told her to turn around, she growled and showed her sharp teeth, glaring at the girl.

“You jerk! That wasn’t nice!” Kenzie said as she stood up from her seat, the whole table going quiet.

Kat wore a smirk on her face, not even looking at the girl yelling at her, “Not my fault you’re stupid.”

That angered the girl, showing that in her once happy eyes that now burned with her anger. Rolling her hand into a fist, she made it spark up has she was about to punch the girl before someone grabbed the fist, making her freeze in her spot. She gulped, seeing who it was. “H-hi Aunt Grandine!” she played childish, “How was your day?”

Natsu snickered at the scene knowing all too well what was to happen next. “Kensu, what have I told you about punching poor Kat?” The dark blue haired woman asked the girl, raising an eyebrow.

Kenzie gulped as she started to defend herself, “But she called me stupid! Right Wendy?!”

Wendy, who was playing with her hair the whole time and looking out the window, jumped at the call of her name. “What?”

“Didn’t Kat call me stupid?!”

“Oh, huh…” The little sky dragon slayer looked at the two and gulped, “Huh, no?”

“Kensu! What have I told you about lying!?” The woman turned to Kenzie again, who was in shook from hearing the littler Dragneel’s answer. “Answer me when I talk to you young lady!”

“But she really did call me stupid!”

Grandine looked at the ice dragon slayer, who slightly looked up and shook her head no. Nodding to the answer, she took the brown haired girl’s shoulder and dragged her up to the front.

“Ow! That hurts!” she turned to get free, but failed, “Let me go!”

“No, you’re sitting up here until Igneel is down explaining everything!”

“But I-“

“Kensu? Do you really want to start with me?” The girl was about to say something, but closed her mouth and shook her head no, frowning. “Good! Now where is that man anyways…?”

“I’m here!” A guy, about 35, ran in, a giant poster in his muscular arms. “Alright, here’s how the cabins are going to be divided!” He handed the poster to Kenzie for her to hold. She frowned as she stood up, grabbing the poster, and stood there in an unhappy mood.

“So in cabin six will be Laxus and Lisanna; in cabin five will be Mira and Freed; in cabin four will be Erza and Jellal; in cabin three will be Gray and Juvia; in cabin two will be Gajeel and Levy; and in cabin one will be Natsu and Lucy. Any questions? No? Good! Now get your asses moving cause it’ll be dark soon!”

Well that was a little harsh… Lucy thought/sweat dropped to herself as she got up to see where cabin one was. Checking on the poster (which Kenzie threw on a nearby table), she found it semi-easily and happily walked over to where everyone else was getting there things.

“Hey Luigi! You’re with me! Isn’t that cool?!” She jumped as she felt something smack her back. Turning around, she saw the pink haired Dragneel standing in front of her, now inches away from her face. With her face now flushed red, she gulp as she saw Natsu just smiling ear to ear, his eyes closed so he didn’t see how close they were.

“L-listen! My name is not Luigi! It’s Lucy! L-U-C-Y!” That opened his onyx eyes, also making him back up a little.  

“Geez, alright! Calm down! I was only teasing you a bit!” He held his hands up, trying to help defend himself. The blonde growled once again before grabbing her bags and storming out, leaving a very confused Natsu behind.

He blinked a few times before a smirk appearing on his cute face, I might actually have a good time here this year! He continued to smirk as he grabbed his stuff and followed the blonde to their cabin, his normal childish grin on his face.


It was night time, and it was dark. Both counselors and Kenzie (who was assigned to their cabin) all laid on their beds, Natsu and Lucy both playing with their phones, making Kenzie growl now and then just watching the two brag about how they get to use their phones and she didn’t.

Yawning after her (fill in number here)teenth time of growling, she got up and stretched her slightly sore arms before walking over to the light switch in by the door of the cabin. “Guys, can I turn the lights off now? I wanna go to sleep!”

Natsu lifted his eye from the tiny screen to look at the sleep lightning dragon slayer. She yawned again, showing how tired she was. He shrugged, then sat up from his spot on the bottom bunk and climbed up the first few steps of the ladder and stared at the blonde in the bed above him, his eyes full of curiosity.

“Hey Luigi,” He started, a smirk on his face. The blonde glared at him for calling her that again before hissing a “What?” his way. Smiling, he asked, “Can Kenz turn the lights off, she wants to go to sleep.”

“Sure, whatever.” Has the answer he got back, the blonde focusing back on her phone. He sighed, Girls…

Climbing back down the steps, he jumped back on his surprising comfy bed and grabbed his red phone and looking over at the girl still by the lights. He nodded her way, the girl smiling before the room went dark for the night. Then only light in the room was from the very few amount of moonlight that shined through the thin curtains and made little designs on the floor, and from the two phones still on.

Sighing, the little Dragneel pulled her blanket over her eyes and rolled to where she was facing the wall. This is going to be a long summer… She thought before drifting to sleep.

Me: Yo! It's chapter one of my new story! So here's the main way of this story! It's a camp, and most of the Fairy Tail mages are counselors for this camp, and Lucy is the newbie there. Blah blah blah, NaLu starts, blah blah blah-

Natsu: And Charles has some of the OCs be more common then others... Hint hint, Kenzie, Kat, Lily, Crystal, and Piper, maybe Violet and Skylar, we never know...

Me: What are you doing here?!

Natsu: I'm your co-host for this story, remember?

Me: *frowns* Since when do I need a co-host?

Natsu: Hell if I know!

Me: *sweat drops* Anyways, that's it. Natsu, do the disclaimer ple- *watches Natsu stuff his face with cake my mom just made*

Natsu: Wha? *swallows* Oh, that one thing! Gotcha! So Charles doesn't own Fairy Tail OR me... thank god... But her and her friends do own, and I'm only listing the OCs in this chapter, Kenzie and Kat. *waves* THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

Me: *sighs* At least he's better than the Rangers... *shivers* Damn Keith!

Natsu: Who?

Me: Whatever! We're done! BYE! *turns to Natsu* And you better go make a cake or buy me a new one or you'll NEVER see daylight again!

Natsu: *gulps*
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