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With her pajamas in hand, Lucy walked into the bathroom her and Natsu had to share. Checking one last time on the dragon slayer sleeping on the couch, she smiled and closed the door.

The blonde turned on the hot water and once it was ready, set herself in the tub. She stared at the ceiling, relaxing a bit from the long day she’d had. With Kenzie saying that all of them need to go on job together and then leaving… then coming back, it’s a lot on ya! Then that got Lucy thinking…

“Why? I mean, so what if Romeo and Wendy were on a mission together, she still had her other friends she could go with. Like Kat and Crystal, Lily and Piper, and Leaf would have Wave to hang out with; she still had options other than me and Natsu.” Lucy thought to herself, she always was the smart one of the group. “Then again… this is Kenzie I’m talking about. The girl that, just the other day, thought that every holiday had an eve like Christmas.” Sweat dropping, Lucy pushed that idea out of her mind and enjoyed her bath, thinking about other things now.

“Yeah, would it be nice to just hang out with Natsu, sure, of course. I mean, he’s the guy that got me into Fairy Tail,” holding her right hand up and smiling, she continued, “And… Maybe, I like it seeing him every morning. Just, maybe he could ask before sleeping in my bed with me in it.” Again, she sweat dropped. “Geez, Dragneels are just so… weird.” She laughed, “And that gives Natsu no right to call me a weirdo! Cause he is the weirdo, not me! HIM! And his sister! And Happy and… well, Leaf is just little, so I’ll let that one pass.”

That continued on for a good 15 more minutes until she got out, brushed her teeth, got dressed, and dried her hair. Smiling though her well thought plan of what’s happening, she opened the door to see…


“HOLD IT!” And the TV screen read ‘Pause’ on it. Natsu smiled at the blonde and set his white Xbox 360 controller down, his frowning sister next to him. “Oi Luce! You have a nice bath?”

“Why yes Natsu, I did until I saw EVERYONE IN OUR ROOM!”

“Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone!” Kenzie stood up from the carpet covered ground and held her hands up, everyone focusing on her. “Can’t this wait til after the game? I was kicking Natsu’s a**!”

Lucy’s eyebrow twitched at the comment made by the girl, her hands in fist. Taking a deep breath, she nearly death glared the lightning mage right in the eyes, “I thought you guys were going to the game room downstairs?” She growled, Kenzie just smiling back.

“Yeah, we were, but then Natsu heard as walking down the hall and said he brought his Xbox 360 and had Mortal Kombat, and I still had to prove to him that I’m WAY better at video games than him!” Natsu sheepishly chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Well… that might have happened…” The blonde stared at the pink haired dragon slayer before walking to the door that led to the hallway.

“Thanks for coming everyone! Come back tomorrow at like 10! Until then… GET OUT!”

“Yeesh… Someone’s on their period…” Gray said, frowning on his way out.


“Yeah well I said it out!”

“Come on Gray… I’m gonna need you to make fun of Kat later anyways…” Kenzie grabbed the raven haired man by his necklace and dragged him out, soon followed by Romeo and Wendy and the exceeds. Slamming the door shut, Lucy walked over to the bed and laid out on it.

“Geez Luce, you really must want some sleep.” The fire mage told the girl as he turned off the game system. He heard a sigh and some movement from behind, then he heard the bed covers move. Quickly turning around, he said “Whoa, who said you get the bed tonight?”

Lucy gave the fire wizard a confused look, “Huh… I did. I’m the girl after all.”

“So?” Natsu walked closer to the girl in the bed, crossing his arms over his chest, “That doesn’t mean you get to sleep in the bed. Maybe I want to sleep in the bed!”

“No, I get to.”

“Luce, sorry to break it to ya, but I get the bed.”

“Hey! You even said that you would sleep on the couch outside the room in the hallway remember?!”

“I only said that so you would stop being mad at everyone!” The normal happy look on Natsu’s face was gone, “I actually thought you didn’t want to share a room with me because you didn’t like me…”

That made Lucy sit up and look at the sadden Natsu. She didn’t want this! She wanted to see that normal, happy-go-lucky idiot she was partners with again!

“You really thought I didn’t like you?” She asked, only getting a nod back. Getting out of the bed, Lucy sat next to the pink haired mage and put an arm over his shoulders. “Natsu, I like you. You’re probably my best friend to be honest.”

“Even over Levy?”

She laughed a little and nodded, “Yes, even over Levy.” A smiled appeared on his face, making Lucy smile.

“Hey Luce,” Natsu started, “Does that mean I get the bed?”

“Don’t push it.”

“Then who gets it?!”

They both started thinking and finally, Natsu snapped his fingers. “I’ve got it! We rock, paper, scissors for it!”

“Really, that’s your idea?” He nodded and threw out his fist and hand. Sighing, Lucy did the same.
“Alright, on shoot. One, two, three, SHOOT!” Natsu threw out rock to where Lucy threw out scissors.

“Two out of three! On shoot!” Natsu shrugged and smirked before starting his count down once more.

“One, two, three, SHOOT! … Yes! I win again!” The results were Natsu winning with scissors and Lucy picking paper. Smirking again in hid victory, Natsu took his jacket-shirt thing (I have no idea what it’s called…) and jumping on the bed. Lucy felt her face warm up to a blush as she looked at Natsu. She gulped and grabbed a pillow from the bed and thin blanket before lying on the couch.

“Hey Luce,” Natsu cried from the bed, looking smug. Groaning from being annoyed, she looked at the pink haired dragon slayer. “If ya get cold, you can just sleep in the bed with me if ya want!” He chippered, smiling yet again at the blushing blonde.
Gulping yet again, she said, “No, I’m not going to sleep with you! That’s weird and gross! Er… Not that you’re gross or anything, but that it would be weird and-“

“Lucy, I get it! Calm down!” He laughed as he reached for the lamp that lit the room. “I
knew you would say no anyways! … But if you want to-“

“NIGHT NATSU!” One last chuckle later, the lights were out and the two started to fell asleep.


Time: 12:15 a.m.

Still awake, Lucy stared at the white ceiling above. “It’s been two hours!” She yelled within her head.

Honestly, the blonde tried to sleep, she wanted to sleep, but two things were missing/going on. One, she was cold, and two, if just felt like something was missing, yet everything was the same like normal. It was dark, she had a comfy pillow, the couch was surprising not that bed to sleep on either, and the door was locked. “So why can’t I sleep?!” she shivered, learning that being cold is probably the reason why. Getting up and walking to the closet, she opened it and looked for a blanket… there wasn’t any.

“Ugh!” She sighed out loud, knowing that it probably wouldn’t wake the sleeping dragon slayer. Lucy walked back to the couch, still cold. At a time like this… there was only one option left… and she didn’t like it.

Gulping yet again, she swallowed her pride and walked over to Natsu. Poking him the side, she asked, “Natsu, you awake?” Nothing but light snoring. “Well he shouldn’t mind.” And she climbed in the bed and went to the very edge. “I guess this isn’t so bad.” She turned around and saw Natsu still sleeping, making that little sleepy face thing he does best. Lucy smiled as she watched his mouth quiver the way it did until it went back to normal.

The blonde turned back and faced the empty wall in front of her, still shivering. “This is stupid…” She mumbled, rubbing her arms. Turning around once more, she still saw a sleeping Natsu. “He seems so warm…” Reaching her hand over, she lightly touched…
(Lucy: WHOA WHOA WHOA! HELLO! Me: What?! You’re breaking the fourth wall! Lucy: I’m not! And anyways, this sounds REALLY perverted! Me: *sweat drops* Yet you seem to be enjoying it… Lucy: *blushes* A-am not! Me: Whatever, back to the story…)


Lucy reached one of her hands over to the sleeping wizard next to her and placed it ON HIS ARM! (Me: That better? Lucy: Very.) She quickly pulled back from the heat that it gave off. “How is he so warm?” Then she face palmed at herself, “Idiot! He’s a fire mage! FIRE! It’s inside of him!”

A sigh later, she shivered and thought of what to do next. “I’m cold, and he’s warm. I’m in the same bed as him, but too far away to get warm. Yet, any closer would be weird… Ugh! I don’t know what to do!” The blonde rubbed her heavily eyes and yawned. She was tired and needed sleep for whatever mission Kenzie had picked out. “I-I guess I have to…” Gulping for who knows what time it is now, she started to slowly make her way closer to the still sleeping Natsu.

“T-this isn’t so bad… right?” Smiling to herself, she continued on her way to Natsu. When she got within inches from his face, she gulped and blushed, yet she started to fell warmer. Slowly closing her eyes, she started to drift to sleep.

But as she did, Lucy felt something else warm wrap around her, but she didn’t mind, it was warm and felt nice to her. Smiling, she drifted to sleep…


Time: 9:26 a.m.

Natsu slowly started to wake up, feeling pretty good after sleeping in this comfy bed. It had EVERYTHING! Blankets, pillows, a mattress, and even something to wrap his arms around that seemed nice…

Wait, what?

He shot his eyes open and looked down, near panic on his face. “OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP! WHAT IS LUCY DOING!?” He gulped like five times as the girl continued to sleep peacefully on his chest. “How… when… WTF! She is SO going to kill me! And I didn’t do it!”

“L-lucy?” He asked quietly, his voice cracking. “Oi, Lucy, you up?” She was silent. All Luce did was breath in, then out. He sighed, not wanting to wake her, but he didn’t want to die either!

“Ngg…” A groan! Oh thank god a groan! She should being waking up soon!
Natsu watched the girl’s eyes slowly flicker open. “Ugh… oh, hi Natsu. Morning…” The fire dragon slayer’s eyes widen. “THAT’S ALL?!” he thought, still surprised. He gave it a few minutes for it to settle in her head…

Lucy’s brown eyes also shot open. “There we go…” Natsu thought, relived that Lucy gained so since back. “What the…” The blonde wizard’s voice cracked too.

“That’s what I was thinking!”
They stayed silent for a few minutes until Natsu broke it, “Huh Lucy, mind explaining things here? And maybe getting off me…” Said girl blushed as got loose of Natsu’s grip, jumped out of the bed, and grabbed the blanket still on the couch and wrap herself within it.

“Well, you said if I get cold, I could sleep in the bed… with you…”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t think you would do it!”

“Well neither did I!”

Natsu sat up, his eyes darting around the room to find his (again, I still don’t know what it’s called…) shirt-jacket, when he found it, he got up and happily put it on.
“But how!? I thought you hated it when I would sleep with you,” The dragon slayer stopped at his last words, “Yeah, you’re right, that does sound wrong… but that’s not the problem!”

“I-I don’t know either!”

An awkward silence filled the room. Lucy played with her hair, her face the same color as a strawberry, and Natsu wasn’t much better, no matter how dense he was, he actually (not really) semi-got what was going on.

“D-did you like it…” He asked sheepishly. Lucy stared at him and when he looked her way, quickly turned back to her hair.

Then she answered, “Well I didn’t hate it…”

Knock knock! “Oi guys! It’s Kenzie and everyone else! It’s 10’o clock and that’s the time Lucy said we can come back, so we’re here! … Hello?”

“THANK GOD FOR LITTLE SISTERS!” Natsu yelled in his head as he ran to the door and opened it, everyone still in the pajamas as well… except for Gray, he just had his boxers on.

“Classy Gray… Real classy.” Natsu sighed, making Gray look down.

“Damnit! I could have sworn I had some pants on this time!”
Oi everyone! It's chapter four, yay! Oh, and I'm posting this at night again... heh.

Anyways, short description day, so I'll cut to the chase. Epic NaLu happened, question is, what happens next? WHO KNOWS?!

Oh yeah, I don't own Fairy Tail, but do own my OCs Kenzie and Leaf, and the other OCs belong to my friends. Anyways, thanks for-

Lucy: Reading! *waves to readers*

Go away and stop breaking the fourth wall!

Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]

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That's all folks!
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