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May 6, 2013
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It was a normal, Friday morning. The birds sang their lovely morning songs and the sky was a blue that made you smile whenever you looked at it. All was peaceful this…

Or… was peaceful until Lucy Heartfilia woke up to see her pink haired partner still sleeping next to her, a little blue cat on top his head.

“Wha? Oh, mornin’ Luce!” Natsu said, rubbing his still heavy eyes.

“Hey Lucy, mind keeping it down, I’m trying to sleep here.” Happy said, also rubbing his eyes with his little blue paws.

Lucy groaned as she got up from her bed and stormed into the bathroom.

“Those idiots! Don’t they know they shouldn’t just barge in my house whenever they want!?” The blonde mage yelled within her head as she started to brush her teeth.

(A good 30 minutes later…)

When she was finished getting ready, Lucy left the bathroom and saw the two still sleeping in her bed. She sighed as she threw her pajamas in the dirty hamper and started to make breakfast.

She walked to the fridge to get what she needed, milk, eggs, bacon, etc. But once the bacon hit the now hot pan, a head shot up. His nose twitched at the wonderful smell of one of his favorite foods. With a smirked, Natsu walked into the kitchen.

“Hey Luce! You makin’ some bacon?” The girl nodded as Natsu walked his way right next to her. He placed his chin on her soft and slightly wet hair, making her blush a little. “I thought that’s what I smelt!”

“Yeah, well, give me some room so I can cook then!” Natsu backed away and sat down on the bed once more. He smiled, watching the girl cook. He never knew she could cook until a few months ago and regretted it. For some reason, her food just tastes better, and Natsu didn’t know why. He’s seen Mira and Elfmen cook, he’s (sadly) even seen Erza cook, and all of them (but Erza) cooked the same as Lucy.

He shook his head a little, trying to clear his thoughts. Looking out the window, he saw three faces he would soon see again. The fire wizard opened the window and threw his head out of its frame. “Hey guys!” He waved.
The three stopped walking and turned to face Natsu, who was still smiling and waving.

“Oi Natsu-nee!”

“Hiya Natsu-san!”

“Sup bro!”

“Hey, you guys wanna come in for some breakfast? Lucy’s making-“

“BACON! LET’S GO GUYS!”  The other two were soon dragged into Lucy’s apartment, the smell of bacon still in the air.

The door swung opened, showing three teenagers. The youngest of them was Wendy, her cat Carla in her little arms. She smiled to the fire dragon slayer as she set Carla down on Lucy’s bed. The oldest of the three, who also had a cat of her own, Kenzie, set down Leaf (her cat) on the bed as well. The only boy of the group, Romeo, just sat himself down next to Natsu.

“And you guys were about to have bacon without me?! That’s not cool!” Kenzie yelled at Natsu, sparking with electricity a little.

“Well you were with Wendy and Romeo!”

“So! That doesn’t mean you can go around eating bacon when I’m gone!”

“Huh, yeah it does!”





“NO IT-“

“GUYS! REALLY!?” The two stopped fighting as Lucy walked over with plate of bacon. She set it on the table before she left to go get the eggs.





Romeo and Wendy quietly each got a piece of bacon as the two continued to fight. They sat at the table and made room for Lucy so she could sit down when she came back with the eggs.

Lucy sighed, “There they go again…” The other two nodded.

“They’re for sure brother and sister…” They all sweat dropped as the sound of arguing filled the once peaceful morning air.


“And there he was! Right next to me!” Lucy had just finished telling Mira, Lisanna, and Levy what happened that morning. They all giggled as they all looked at one another and nodded.

“Lucy,” Mira started, “We’ve decided that you and Natsu should be a couple!” Levy and Lisanna nodded as Lucy stared at them for a little bit before she started laughing.

“Hahahahaha! That’s a good one guys!” She continued to laugh.

“Huh, Lucy,” Levy placed one of her light hands on Lucy shoulder, “We weren’t joking.”
Lucy stopped laughing and stared at the other girls. “WHAT?! ME AND HIM AS A COUPLE!”

“You and who Luce?” Natsu joined the group of girls talk as he stood behind Lucy, who started turning a deep crimson red.

“Huh… N-no one! J-just a joke! R-right girls?!” The blonde mage stuttered, trembling a little.

“Actually Natsu, we were saying that-“ Lucy threw her hand over Lisanna’s mouth, getting a strange look from Natsu.

The pink haired mage sighed, “This is why you’re weird Luce.” He said, shaking his head side to side. Lucy gave him a glare before removing her hand from Lisanna’s mouth and gave her a quick glare as well.

“What do you want anyways?” She asked, annoyed.

“Oh, I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a job with me and Kenzie.”

“And no Wendy or Romeo?”

Natsu shook his head again, “Nope, they went on one alone with the cats. Kenzie said she was going to go, but she decided to give them some alone time.”

“Huh, sure, I guess.”

“Alright! Meet us at the train station at noon!” And with that, Natsu ran out of the guild.

“Aww! Natsu and Lucy are going on a mission alone!” Mira teased once Natsu left their view. “It’s the start of NaLu!”

Lucy frowned, “No, Kenzie will be there too. We aren’t alone! And what’s with the nickname?! We’re not even a couple!”

“Tch, and I’ll bet you’ll find a way to get you and Natsu alone though.” Levy said, ignoring the last question and took a sip of her soda Mira brought her. Lisanna and Mira nodded, also drinking some soda. Lucy just blushed and grabbed her black jacket. She threw it over her shoulders and got up from her seat at the guild’s bar.

“Well see ya guys later! I got a job to get ready for!” She waved as she left the guild.

“Now?” Lisanna asked once Lucy was surely gone.

“Now.” Mira nodded. Lisanna took out a card Cana had let them use for this very time. The youngest of three siblings started dialing on the magical card. It rang for a few seconds before a “Hello?” was heard.

“Hey Kenzie, Lucy said yes to the job! Your plan is working!”

“Tch, of course my plan is working, it’s my plan!”

“So you got it from here?” Levy asked before taking yet another sip of soda. “Man, this is good!”

“Oh, is that the new soda Mira got the other day? I need to try it!”

“Focus Kenzie!”

“Er, right Mira, sorry. Anyways, I should have it from here. I’ve got Wendy and Romeo with the cats staged to show up at the other train station once we get there and ask me to go with them, we can only hope from that point on.”

“Eep! I hope this works! They are so made for each other!” Lisanna started fangirling over the thought of Natsu and Lucy being a couple.

“Hey Kenz, ya home?”

“Huh, sorry guys, Natsu’s back, gotta go!”

“Kay, good luck!”

The call ended and Lisanna put the card back in her pocket. They all smiled at the plan thought up by the 14 year old.

“It’s in her hands now.” Mira thought out loud. “Good luck Kenzie.”
Hiya everyone! It's my first story on here! Yay!
Oh, and it still needs some cover art, so if anyone wants to, go right ahead!

Next chapter: [link]

I don't own Fairy tail, but do own my OCs Kenzie and Leaf.
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