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Lucy’s POV:

I stormed my way back to the cabin that Natsu had showed me/the place we were staying for the night. To be honest, I didn’t really mean to get mad at Natsu; I should have known he wouldn’t think things like that. I mean, have you met the guy before, he’s not that much of the romance type I guess, even though this place is pretty.

Soon after I got there, I opened the door and locked it. I sat by a chair that was next to the window and watched for that pink haired idiot to come walking up to the door.

But that didn’t happen…

He did show up, just at the top of path that led to the house, and he stared at the house. I gulped as I watched him pace back and forth, thinking about something by the looks of it. I had to say, for Natsu to be thinking this hard about something, he must really care…

Natsu’s POV:

I walked back and forth a few times, thinking about what to say to Luce once I knocked on the door. It could go many ways.

Like I could go, “Oi Luce! Hey, we should stop fighting and be friends again! What do ya say?!” but she probably slap me or something. Or I could, “Good evening miss, I’m very sorry for whatever I did and I very much do take it back.”

HA! No, that’s not me! She’d freak out!

So that was out of the idea too. UGH! I sat against a tree and crossed my arms. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO DAMN HARD TO DO! And then I started thinking again, but what about Lucy said. The ‘future’ us.

I closed my eyes and saw me and weirdo walking arm and arm, Kenzie being her annoying self in the background with Wendy, who was actually being nice like normal. I then I saw thing else, like the vision skipped to a few more years or something, and there we were again, only I was wearing a fancy white suit, my scarf like normal, and was watching the blonde slowly walk down and ale, wearing a white wedding dress…

My eyes shot open. I shook my head and blinked a few times. Then I re-closed them, wondering what I’d see next. And I saw a little boy, kind of the same hair as me, but blonde, and a girl with the same hair as Luce, but pink like me. That’s when it hit me… I WAS THINKING ABOUT S HAVING… HAVING… OH GOD!

But… was that a good thing? That I can see me and Luce going farther down the road as couple. I answered that myself, got up, and started walking to the house, not having a clue on what I was going to say.

I knocked on the door and waited for it to open, when it did, Lucy was there, a slightly sad face on. I gulped and smiled.

“Hey Luce.”


“L-listen, I’ve got something to say…”

“Really? What?”

I gulped again, then nodded and snapped out of fear. “Lucy, I can see us in the future.” She blinked in surprised, but I put my hands on her shoulders and stared right into her chocolate brown eyes. I could feel her face get warm and watched it turn a slight pink color. I continued, “I can see us walking arm and arm, Kenzie being herself in the background. I can see us getting married, and you’d look amazing in a wedding dress by the way.” That brought a smile to her face, making me smile.  “And I can see little mini versions of us running around. You’d be so happy every time, and I would too. And…”


“Fine, I’ll stop. Just please Luce, find it in your heart to forgive me… please?”

She smiled that sweet smile and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. She soon pulled away and nodded. “I forgive you… and I’m sorry I got so mad, I overreacted.”

“How ‘bout this never happened, kay?”


I grabbed her hand and we in-locked our fingers together, then walked to the couch and sat down. She asked me what I saw and I happily told her, which she nodded and smiled back, agreeing to what I said.

We went on that topic for a little bit, but it soon changed. “Hey Natsu?” That sweet voice asked.

“Yeah Luce, whatcha need?”

“I have a question.”

“Alright, ask away.”

“Why do you love me? I mean, you already said it, but why?”

I gulped, but I found that the answers for this question came to me shorter than the last. I smiled and started my long list. “Well I love you for many reasons. I love your smile; it always makes me smile back. And I love your laugh; I just can’t get enough of it. Then there’s your eyes; I also think of candy when I see them, then I get lost. Oh, and the fact that you like me more than Gray…”

She giggled and blushed throughout the talk, soon latching onto my arm. I smiled yet again at her cuteness.

“Natsu, you’re the best! You know that, right?”

I chuckled, “Well I do now thanks to you.”

We sat there and talked about why we loved each other until dark. Apparently, Luce loves me cause I’m cute, amazing, my smile is like DYNOMATE! (fine, added the last part…), and I’d never let a friend or her down on propose.

I felt my eyes starting to get tired and then I yawned. Luce caught on and we got up and went to bed.


“Natsu…” She lightly hummed as we laid in the bed, my arm wrapped around her.

“Yeah, whatcha need Luce?”

“I love you oh-so-much… and night, my fire dragon…”

I smiled and said, “Night to you too, weirdo…” And we slowly fell asleep…


Normal POV:



The two younger dragon slayers started to fight yet again over who knows what, there three friends sweat dropping and drinking soda as they watched.

“Hey Lily, should we stop them? I’ve got a new chop I could use!”

The music wizard laughed a little, “Nah, I’ll take care of it later.”

“Aww! Why do you always get to stop their fights! Maybe I want to!”

“Cause you’ll just join the fight!” Piper blinked a few times, then shrugged and went back to her soda.




“Oh, that’s why their fighting.” Lily nodded as she answered the question in her head. The other girls gave her a confused look, so she explained, “You see guys, Kat got mad since Kenz didn’t go and spy on our NaLu couple yesterday.”

“That’s it?” Crystal raised her eyebrow.

“Well that’s stupid! I agree with Kenz, they needed some alone time!” The food mage (aka, Piper) stood up, fist pumping the air.

“For once, I agree with Piper.” The chop wizard (yes, Crystal) nodded, her arms crossed as she remained seated.

“Well first off, I’m proud that you two agree on something, and second, Kenz made the right choice, so let’s-“ The music mage was cut off by the door opening, showing the couple walking in happily. Quickly turning to Kenzie, they watched as a smile spread across her face.

“Natsu! Lucy! You’re still a couple!” The brown haired dragon slayer ran up to the two and death hugged them both. “NaLu lives on!”

Frowning, the fire mage pulled his sister off and patted her head, soon smiling afterwards. “Yup! And you thought I’d mess it up, didn’t you?!”

“Nope!” Kenzie said, full of excitement, “But Pussy Kat did! She wanted me to spy on ya guys!” Both wizards blushed until Natsu looked for Gray. When he found him, the pink haired wizard stormed over to the half-naked man.

“Hey you stripping snowman! Wake the hell up!” Lighting his fist on fire, Natsu sent a burning punch at the once sleeping ice mage.

Gray was soon up and death glaring the hot-headed Natsu in front of him. “What the hell was that for?! I didn’t even do anything to you!”

“Well your damn sister thinks I can’t keep a relationship going for more than a day without someone close by to spy on me!”

Gray started laughing, “Ha, even my sister knows you suck at romance! That’s sad!” He continued to laugh until Natsu gave him another punch to the face and stormed away. Rubbing his now sore face, the ice mage walked up to Natsu and put a hand on his shoulder. “But hey, I’m glad you finally asked her out. Seems like you two have a future.”

Whoa… Gray actually said something nice to me… weird… Natsu thought but shrugged it off. He smirked, getting an idea. “Yeah, now all you have to do ask Erza out and we’ll be all good!” Gray blushed.

“W-what?! No! She’d kill me if I said that!”

“Fine… then how ‘bout Juvia?” Gray’s blush got deeper and he didn’t say a word this time, just turned and looked at door. “Gotcha.”

“Oh shut it you flaming pig!”

“Whatever you say… Fullbuster…” Natsu said as he walked back to where Lucy was, this time at the bar with all the younger girls. He could hear mountains of question be sent her way, but she took them in at her own pace and answered.

“Did you guys kiss?”

“Hey, whatcha have for dinner?”

“Did Natsu destroy the place?”

“When’s the wedding?!”

“Alright, alright girls, calm down! One at a time!” The blonde held her hands up, making the girls quit talking. “We’ll do this my way. I’ll point to one of you, and then you ask me your question.” Natsu decided to hold back a bit and listen. He watched as Lucy pointed to Piper, the youngest of the group.

“Well,” the food mage started, “I wanna know if you and Natsu kissed?”

“Yup, and it nice too.”

“GROSS! I DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW THAT!” Kenzie cover her face as everyone laughed, even Natsu did from the distance.

“Anyways, what was your question Crystal?”

“Oh, I wanted to know what you two had for dinner!”

“Hmm…” The blonde thought, “I don’t think we had dinner…”

Kat smirked, “Yeah, you two just had desert!” Natsu felt his face turn red as he widen his eyes.

“AGAIN! GROSS!” The lightning mage yelled as Lucy blushed just like Natsu, “Pussy Kat you sick pervert!”

“Well, no, not that either… Huh, Lily, your question?”

“Did Natsu break anything?” She asked sweetly.

“Yeah, Lucy’s-“


“OW!” The black haired dragon slayer whined as she rubbed her head, “That hurt!”

“We don’t need any of your perverted side comments Kat!” Lily said as she withdrew her hand back. “Anyways, continue Lucy.”

Smiling a thanks to the girl, Luce started, “For once, no. He was very calm pretty much the whole time, and actually romantic, which is something you guys probably didn’t see coming, now did you?!” The younger girls shook their heads as Lucy smiled and went to Kat.

“Nothing perverted Kat…” Kenzie whispered in her ear. A low growl left the ice dragon slayer throat before she asked her question, “When’s the wedding?! I wanna go!” Lucy felt her face burn up again.

“Well… Huh… We haven’t really talked about that stuff yet…” Lucy said has she stared at the wooden floor. She heard another smack noise and picked her head up though.


“Well at least I don’t hit people!”

“That’s a lie!”

“WILL YOU TWO STOP FIGHTING!?” Lily yelled at them, the two quickly stopping. “I’ve had enough you two, now Kat, go sit in the corner!”

“But I-“

“Now!” Mumbling in anger, the ice mage got up and walked to a corner, Kenzie trying to hold but her laughing. “And you’ll be next if you don’t stop laughing!” The lightning quickly stopped and turned to Lucy, whose face was still red.

“Can I ask my question now?” The blonde blinked at the sudden change in the girl’s voice. It sounded WAY more innocent and cute, like the first day she’d join the guild.

“O-of course! Go right ahead.”

“Do you really love my brother?” Everyone was surprised by the way of Kenzie’s voice now and the way her eyes soften a little.

With a smile, Lucy answered the question that was asked so nicely. “I love your brother very, very much.” She said, patting the girls head lightly.

“And I love her back.” The girls jumped as they watched Natsu walk up and wrap his arms around Lucy’s waist.

Kat came back from the corner, not wanting to miss anything else. She then said, “I guess I was wrong…”

“Oh yeah!” Crystal piped up, throwing an arm over Kenzie’s shoulder, “I forgot to tell you that we all thought Kenzie was right and you were wrong!” She said bluntly, a smile on her face.



Laughs filled the guild once more as the couple smiled at each other and gave the other a quick kiss before re-joining their happy conversation. But not without a few whispers…

“Hey Natsu.”

“Yeah Luce?”

“I really, truly do love you very much.”

“And I love you too, my weirdo.”


Tada! Last chapter done! I hope you all enjoyed this story! I might post it on FanFiction... probably will... Anyways, thanks for reading this story! You guys rock!

I don't own Fairy Tail, but do own Kenzie, and my friends own Kat, Lily, Crystal, and Piper.

Natsu: BYE!


Natsu: Hehe, but you forgot to say you might be writing another story soon idiot!

Oh... Wll thanks Natsu! Bye! Oh, and tell me if you want me to write another story or not!

Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 11: There is none!
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