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Kenzie soon ended the call to Mira and had a grin on her childish face. Wendy and Romeo also having the same grin. The group of wizards and cats turned around and started walking back to Clover where they should meet up with Gray, Natsu, and Lucy.

“Kenzie,” A small voice said as it flew its way on top Kenzie’s light brown hair. The lightning mage smiled as she patted the cat’s head and asked “what’s up buddy?” Leaf yawned before answering, “What if Natsu and Lucy don’t become a couple? What if they start hating each other?”

“Don’t worry my little green friend, it’ll work. Since I didn’t plan on it being night and all, it gives us more time to push these two into a relationship!”
Romeo went out a loud sigh from his mouth, “Knowing if it’s going to be night or day is kind of important…”

The brown haired turned and glared at the boy, who only smirked back. Wendy sighed, knowing all too well what was to happen soon enough.

“That’s Kenzie’s ‘I’m gonna kill you face’, isn’t?” The little white cat sighed within Wendy’s little arms. Happy and Leaf both left the heads on Kenzie and Romeo before sparks of lightning soon appeared.


“Well maybe, if you would think for once in your life, you would have known it would be night time by now!”

“Here we go again…” The sky dragon slayer sighed as she and the cats sat on a rock as flames and lightning attacks were being throw left and right.


“But I wanna go to the best hotel Clover has!”

“Luce, I’ve told you! We don’t have enough money for that place!” The two continued to fight not far from the train station.  Natsu had to keep reminding Lucy that they, in fact, didn’t have enough money to go somewhere very expensive, but Lucy kept on fighting with him.

“Come on Natsu, please?!” She gave her own puppy dog eyes to the dragon slayer. He took a few steps back, covering his eyes. Those eyes always make him do whatever Lucy wants, so if he just doesn’t look at them… “Please Natsu…” The pink haired mage opened one eye, seeing Lucy inches from his own face.

“Huh… I… Huh… W-we can’t Luce!” Stumbling over his words, his face getting slightly warmer, Natsu took a few more steps back, only having Lucy get in the same spot.

“But Natsu, we’ll get enough money from this mission! I know we will!”

Natsu sighed and walked over to a bench nearby; he sat down and hid his face within his hands. The blonde wizard frown at this, and walked over next to him. “Please Natsu…” She asked again, rubbing his back.

“No…” The fire mages voice was low, “Cause we won’t get enough money to pay for the hotel AND your apartment… I’ll just screw it up like always…” It honestly pained the guy a little to say that in front of Lucy, but they both knew it was true. He would probably end up destroying half the village… again.

“You don’t always screw up.” The girl rubbed Natsu’s back some more as she talked to him in a calming voice.

“Yes I do…”

“No, you don’t. I mean, if you screwed up all the time, then how come since I’ve joined your team I’m still alive?” Natsu didn’t answer back, so Lucy continued, “And how is it that I’m always laughing at you when you say something funny, but almost no one else.”
“I don’t know… You have special powers or something.” The blonde wizard giggled a giggle that melted the dragon slayer’s heart.

“See? You don’t screw things up.” The pink haired fire user lifted his head up and smiled at the girl.

“Thanks Luce.”

“No problem… but we still don’t have any clue where we’re staying tonight.” They both sweat dropped.

“HAVE NO FEAR! CAPTAIN KENZIE IS HERE!” The two once fighting Fairy Tail wizards stopped and stared as the same brown haired girl from earlier in the day came running at them, followed by Wendy, Romeo, Happy, Carla, Leaf, and… Gray?

“Hello Lucy-san, Natsu-san!” The blue haired girl cheered happily as they caught up, Carla still in her arms.

“Huh, hey guys. What’s up? I thought you guys had a mission?” Natsu asked, confused as usual. He then turned his head to Gray and frowned. “And why is he here…”

“Thanks, I feel the love.” Gray sighed, “Anyways, it was getting dark and on my way back to the train station, I met up with these guys. We decided to go spend the night at a hotel and had Mira make some reservations for us too.” The raven haired dude explained, not once looking at Natsu.

“Yupyup! And we thought we might run into you guys, so we had her get an extra room!”

“Aye! Leaf’s right!” Both exceeds high-fived either before landing on each of their owners head. “And I hear it’s the best one too!” Lucy smirked at fire dragon slayer before grabbing her stuff and started walking away, everyone following her.


The door to Clover Inn, the famous hotel, swung up, the whole group walking inside. As everyone stared at the pretty sunset out the window, Kenzie walked over to the front counter to sign them in.

“Huh, hello?” She asked, all innocently and cute. Soon enough, a man with a red uniform to match the rest of the hotel popped his head up and smiled at the young girl.

“Why hello there little girl,” he continued to smile, “What may I help you with this evening?”

“My friends and I have reservations for some rooms here tonight; I believe our friend Mira called you earlier today?”

The man looked on his computer and nodded, “Ah, and what might your name be young lady, along with anyone else who will be joining you?”

“I’m Kenzie, Kenzie Dragneel. And my older brother is Natsu Dragneel, and my older friends are Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster. Oh, and my friends around my age are Wendy Marvell and Romeo Conbolt, and we also have three, er, cats with us too.” Kenzie listed, repeating looking back at the group by the windows.

“Is that everyone?” The lightning mage nodded, “Alright then, that seems to be everyone.” He ducked down below the counter again and pulled out four room keys. He also put down some orange tickets. “These tickets are for the game room, if you need more, just ask, they’re on the house.”

The brown haired girl smiled and told the man thank you before leave with the keys and tickets in hand. She joined at the group as they were still staring out the window. It truly was pretty, the orange sunset almost behind the mountains in the background, and everything had an orange glow to it.

“Wow…” She whispered.

“Huh, oh, hey sis!” The pink haired wizard smiled, “Did ya get the rooms?” She nodded and held them up for them all to see.

“Only four?” Almost all the other girls asked.

“Yup, so here’s how it’s gonna work out.” Everyone grouped around Kenzie as she looked around the group of people, then nodded. “Alright, so Romeo and Wendy will share a room…” She smirked as both the named wizards blushed a light pink and looked away from each other. “And Happy, Carla, and Leaf will share room. Natsu and Lucy will too.” Then she sighed, “And I’m stuck with Gray…”

“You make it sound like I’m a disease or something!”

“Well you are!” Gray death glared Natsu as he just grinned back. “And you know it’s true!”

“No it’s not!”

“Huh, yeah, it is! You’re a Fullbuster! Of course it is!”

“Why you little son of a-“

“Whoa whoa whoa, you two are NOT fighting in the lobby of such a nice place!”

“But Luce, he started-“ The dragon slayer quickly shut his mouth when Lucy gave him ‘the glare’, which was just as bad as Erza’s. He gulped and slowly walked his way over to Romeo and stood behind him.

“Anyways…” Wendy started, sighing as well, “Can we go to our rooms now? I wanna see the pretty views from there!”

“I agree with Wendy!” Romeo cheered, earning a smirk from Kenzie. “Oh shut it Dragneel…” He pouted, arms crossed. The lighting wizard blinked at the boy.

“Whoa, you’ve be hangin’ with Kat too much!”

“Hey! Don’t bring my lil’ sis into this mess!”

“Shut it Gray! You’re just a Fullbuster!”

“GUYS! C’mon! Start acting your age and let’s get to our rooms!” Everyone fell silent at Lucy’s outburst before they nodded and walked their way to the elevators, each gulping.


“And here we are!”

Everyone stepped out of the small, moving room. They all looked around them, the hallway was clear of no other people, which probably was a good thing for them. Kenzie led the way to first set of rooms, opening the door.

“And here is where the exceeds will go!” The room was huge and had a giant window that led out to the same mountain view the group saw downstairs. Within the room were two beds, a small sofa, a TV, and a bathroom.

“Wow! This is awesome!” Happy flew in the room first and laid on one of the fluffy beds. He soon sat up and started jumping up and down on the bed. “Yippee!”

“I wanna try!” And Leaf soon joined him. The two continued to jump for a few minutes as Carla started to organize all their things.

“You guys go on…” She sighed, “We’ll catch up with you guys later…” They nodded and threw the room key in the room.

Romeo slowly moved Kenzie out of the way and pulled the door close. The rest of the group walked to the next room. Kenzie also opened this room, and it looked the same as the exceed’s room, only different colors.

“I guess this will be Romeo’s and Wendy’s room.” Romeo sighed as he stormed his way in followed by the smiling (and slightly blushing) Wendy.

“You guys have fun!” Natsu cried out, Lucy giving him and elbow to the stomach. “Ow!”

“Don’t yell that! It sounds wrong!”

“Well don’t have sick mind then!”

Gray and Kenzie sweat dropped, “And now they’re fighting…” They both sighed and walked down the hall. Skipping a room, Kenzie opened the next and last door. A smirked appeared on the young dragon slayers face as she waved Natsu and Lucy over, Gray also joining.

“Pfft…” The raven haired ice wizard tried to choke his laugh back, walking back into the hallway himself. Kenzie turned around and saw both Natsu’s and Lucy’s jaws dropped and their bodies trembling.

“… And here’s-“

“YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!” It seemed like the whole fifth (and final) floor shook at blonde wizard’s yell. Gray was to busying laughing to notice though…

“Er… Well this lovely room you and Natsu have to share clearly as a great view, a huge bathroom, a TV, a sofa, and even a king size bed! Isn’t that great!” Lucy walked over to Kenzie and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.

“You did this, didn’t you?!”

“I-I…” Poor Kenzie was cut off by Lucy shaking her like puppy and a rag. “Wah~ Lucy! Stop it! Please!”

“YOU LITTLE! GAH, I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” The blonde continued to shake Kenzie back and forth, making her sky blue eyes turn dizzy.

“Luce, stop! You’re gonna give her more brain problems then she already has!”

“I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU DRAGNEEL!” Lucy stopped shaking the girl and let her go, storming her way over to the pink haired man. As she got closer, Natsu started backing up. Each step trying to push him away from the girl seemed to only make her come faster. He soon enough ran into a wall, gulping as his mad teammate growled in his face. “HOW DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT SHE’S DOING?! ARE YOU REALLY THAT DENSE?!”

“Lucy, I-“

“NO NATSU!” He gulped again, now trembling in his spot. He knew he could easily take Lucy out with one punch, but what would happen after that? She’d get mad and never talk to him again, that’s what.

“Lucy, you better calm down.” Gray piped up, him and Kenzie hiding in the corner. They both got Lucy’s famous death glare, quickly making them shiver.

“Lucy, please calm down, it’s ok. If anything, I’ll even sleep on the sofa couch thing.” The older dragon slayer placed one of his hands on the girl’s shoulder, making her turned her head. He gulped, but continued. “P-please calm down. I don’t like you like this, it’s not like the Luce I know.” He tried to smile, which sometimes worked on her.
And it seemed to work. Lucy calmed back down to her normal self, sighing and saying sorry to the group.

“I guess me and Natsu will sure the room…”

“That’s great! Maybe later, we can go to the game room tonight too!” Kenzie cheered like nothing happened. She smiled her own dragon slayer smile and walked into the room her and Gray had to share, Gray following her. Before she closed the door, she popped her head out and asked, “You ok with that Lucy?”
The blonde smiled and nodded, then yawned, “Maybe tomorrow Kenz, I’m pretty tried from yelling today.”

“Oh… Well see ya two tomorrow morning then!” And the door closed. Lucy rolled her eyes and closed her’s and Natsu’s door as well.

“Well… This should be fun…” She thought as she sat her stuff down on the bed, Natsu running full speed to the couch and belly flopping on it. “Yeah… Real fun…”
Yupyup! It's chappire three!

So yeah, next chapter, we should be getting into some fun NaLu moments! YAY! *starts fangirling* Can't wait to write it!

Oh, and if you like my story, you should check out my friend's stories!

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Alright, so my pal Zumiez here (I'll shorten their usernames for you peeps!) is writing a Gruvia story and tigerbabes is writing a FreedXMira one, which she even came up with a couple name! So spread the name! >.< It's Freera I think? Hope I got it right, she'll tell me in the comments though, I know her.

Chapter Two: [link]
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Anyways, thanks for reading! Oh, and I don't own Fairy Tail, but do own my OCs Kenzie and Leaf.
P.S. Like Happy, I made Leaf a saying too! It's now going to be 'yupyup' since my friends say it all the time it stuck within my thick skull! (Which is saying a lot... Since I'm apparently as dense as Natsu...)
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