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December 8, 2013
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The outside world from the tour bus flew by in seconds as the bus full of band members and one “lucky fan” was on its way to the first city where the band would perform. Lucy sighed as she continued to watch out the window from the couch that was set alongside it, trying to tune out the yells of victory or how stupid something was that the guys were doing.

“Oh c’mon! THAT’S NOT EVEN A DANCE MOVE!” Wait… dance move? What the hell were they?

The blonde soon regretted turning around to see Gray, Loke, and Gajeel all playing Just Dance on the Wii. They continued to complain about the game on how it “Wasn’t life-like at all” and that the moves were “Completely wrong” from real dancing. Lucy face palmed as she turned to Jellal in the chair next to her and watched as he did… whatever he was doing.

“Huh… Jellal… Whatcha doin’ there?” She asked full of curiousness, tilting her head a little to the right. The blue haired keyboard player looked up from his laptop that was hooked into his keyboard that he was more than likely going to use during the concert tonight. “Oh, I’m just loading in all the sound effects into the keyboard for tonight.”

“Sound effects?”

“Yeah, I play both the keyboard and change the voices up a little to make it sound cooler. You know, like when the same person sounds like their overlapping themselves in a song, that’s what I do during a concert for Natsu and whoever else is singing.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“Heh, can’t say I do. Sorry.” Jellal chuckled at her response before going back the screen in front of him, typing and dragging things to where they needed to be. “Well…” He started, still doing what he was doing, “You don’t seem as confused as Natsu and everyone else in the band. They’ll never understand it…”

Lucy watched as Jellal let out a loud sigh, a sly smile curved on his lips. “Are they really that helpless?” She had asked and turned her head to the three boys dancing in front of the TV, all yelling at one another.




The blonde blinked a few times, then turned to Jellal again, who had just finished putting on his red headphones and was fixing the volume setting on his matching red iPod. Best guess… to make it louder. Lucy sighed, “Guess they really are that helpless…” She then sat back against the couch that she was sitting in and looked down the small hallway and saw a sign on Natsu’s door knob. Curiousness taking over her, Lucy got up and dodged the flying arms and legs just to read the small sign.

It was red, and in big black letters said: DO NOT DISTURB! (OR I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!) (that means you Gray!)

“Don’t disturb… why?” It’s not like he was still sleeping, it was 3:30 almost. Plus he was at breakfast stuffing his face this morning! So then why does he…

She slowly started reaching for the door knob, slightly shaking as she did, and gulped back the little nerves she had and turned the knob. The door squeak as it was pushed into the dark room that smelt of something rotten within it.

“Gross! What is that-“

“Hey! What the hell are you doing!” He came from almost nowhere and surprised the blonde, making her jump once he got close enough to actually see the anger on his face. “Can you not read?! The sign said DO NOT DISTURB! NOW GET OUT!”

“B-but… I just…” Lucy was shaken by what the pink haired singer had just done. The look on his face, the sound of angry in his voice, it was all too familiar to her. She shivered as she looked at Natsu’s angry face yet again and gulped, the look of fear in her chocolate brown eyes. “I just wanted to make sure you were ok… since you’ve been in your room all day, I wasn’t sure if you were.” It took some time to say, but when she finally got it out, it made her feel a little better inside once Natsu’s face quickly changed into a surprised one over angry.

“W-well I’m just fine!” He turned and faced the other direction as he tried to figure out why he just stuttered. Was it because someone actually cared enough to see if he was okay after so many weeks? Maybe…

“Then why did you get all mad when I came in?” The question hung in the air around the two as no one said anything for a few minutes. Lucy was about to leave since Natsu didn't seem he was going to answer anytime soon until a quiet voice could be heard, “I’m sorry…” it said. With a small smile on her face, the blonde left the room and closed the door, leaving the singer to do as he pleased once again.


“I FINALLY FINISHED IT!” Natsu’s voice boomed through the bus as he threw his door open, papers in hand. Gajeel had paused the game as everyone walked over to the overly excited Natsu.

“Huh… Finished what?” The blonde asked behind the crowd of band members. They all turned to her and chuckled a little, some louder than others. “What?! I don’t know what he finished! Why is that funny to you?!”

“Well my blonde friend-“

“We are NOT friends.”

Natsu sighed, “Fine, guest, whatever.” He got a death glare from the girl but ignored it and continued, “I finally finished the song Romeo needed my help writing.”

“Wait… you were helping Romeo write a song?” Loke, aka, the only one who (aside from Lucy) wasn’t informed about what was going, asked as the other band members chuckled at him this time. The orange haired drummer growled and narrowed his eyes, “WHY IS THAT FUNNY TO YOU?!”

“See? Hurts, doesn’t it?” Lucy added, a smirk of her own on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest. Loke turned to her and nodded, “Like a f****n’ bee sting.” He mumbled, proving the blonde’s point.

“Well actually Loke, bee stings don’t hurt that bad.”

“Yeah, you’re just a wuss.” Loke narrowed his eyes yet again, this time only at Gajeel and Gray for their “worlds of wisdom” they had just said. Both said band members snickered and high fived one another, Jellal just face palming at their lame insults.

To prevent a fight from happening, Lucy thought it was probably a smart thing to change the subject… so she did. “Huh… Who’s Romeo?”

Natsu turned to face the confused blonde and pulled out his phone. It took him a few seconds, but he found a picture a little girl with long dark blue hair and a boy, a little bit taller than the girl, with purplish-blackish hair and showed it to Lucy. Both the boy and girl seemed to be in high school, one being a year older than the other since the uniforms they were wearing were a little different in color.

“The girl in the picture is my little sister, Wendy, and the boy is Romeo. They’ve become pretty close friends since Wendy just moved here.” The singer took his phone and turned it off, shoving it back into the pockets of his baggy jeans. “Before we left town to pick you up, he asked me if I could help him write a song. So we went to the local café in town and I had him tell me a few things that he wanted in the song.” Natsu chuckled a bit as he looked over the papers in his hands, a small smile curving on his face. “I gotta say, the kid has heart wanting to turn what he told him into a song.”

“You know Natsu, you never did tell has what he told you.” Gray said, crossing his arms and giving a look at the pink haired boy. The other band members agreed, all nodding their heads and saying their own opinions. Natsu held his hands up to quick down the others, shaking his head side to side as he continued to chuckle at their childish ways.

“Sorry boys,” He started, “But it’s a secret between me and Romeo until tonight at the concert.”

“Wait, you’re gonna make us play a song we don’t even know about?” A smirk was later shown on Natsu’s face as he shook his head at Loke’s question. He then started throwing some papers at the band members from his pile in hand. Each band member got a sheet of music they were to play during tonight, no lyrics shown.

Gray glared at the song writer, getting angry at the fact that he and everyone else was expected to learn and play a song, that they didn’t even know much about, with only a few hours to practice. “How do you expect us to learn this before tonight?!”

“Well it’s not impossible… You’ve all done it before, haven’t you?” Lucy watched as the whole band glared at the song writer, who slowly started to walk away into the small kitchen area in search for food. “Plus it’s for Romeo, and I swear, this’ll be the last time I do this, promise.” Natsu turned back around to see the faces of all his friends. They looked at one another, and all let out loud sighs.

“Fine… But this really is the last time, okay Natsu?” Jellal took control of the once angry group, giving Natsu a look that met he and everyone else were dead serious. “Hey, I promised, didn’t I?” The group looked at one another again and smiled this time. If Natsu promises, nine times outta ten he keeps it, and this was no different than any other time, they all could see that.

Lucy joined in and smiled too as she watched their emotions quickly change back to normal. “So I guess whenever Natsu promises on something, it’s a good thing.”

“Aye! A really good thing!”

“WAH! WHAT WAS THAT?!” The blonde was quick to turn around and see a flying blue cat smiling and waving. “A-a cat… that can… fly…” She turned to the group of boys, who were all trying not to laugh. Natsu walked over and patted the cat on the head, a huge smile on his face.

“Well I see you’ve met Happy.”


“I would say so.” The glare he got from her was priceless, completely priceless. Holding in the laugher was no longer an option as the pink haired singer started cracking up, the rest of the band soon following his lead.

“And for the record, I’m not a cat, I’m an Exceed!” Happy said as he flew over to the blonde again and sat on her head.

“Y-you… can… talk…”

“Well look at you, genius! I can talk! Never in a million years did I see that coming!”

Lucy finally came back to her senses and glared at the blue Exceed, “Your sarcasm was not needed.” Happy only laughed and flew over back to Natsu, a toothy grin on the blue animal’s face.

“W-will you look at the time, we’re almost back home!”

“Thank Mavis…” Lucy mumbled as she took a seat by the window and started to watch the buildings go by. Maybe they’ll calm down a little now that they’re about to perform in a few hours.


The bus doors opened at the back of huge building, Loke being the first to jump out and stretch his arms behind his head. “Ah! It’s nice to be home!” He said with a smile.

“Yeah well, just remember we’re here for a concert, not to - OMG! THE ARCADE IS STILL OPEN! LET’S GO!”

“HEEL GRAY!” The blue haired keyboard player yelled from inside the bus still. Lucy sweat dropped at the boys, her idea from earlier for sure not coming true now as she got off right after Jellal.

Lucy looked around and even though it was only the back of a building she could already tell this place was a nice place. The blonde remembered driving by a huge park that was decorated with reds and greens, lights hung on trees and bows on lampposts telling everyone that Christmas was slowly making its way. It’s been a long time since Lucy’s seen so many lights for the holiday, even if they weren’t turned on it. But the whole city overall just made her smile at how peaceful it was.

“Seems like a nice place to grow up…” She whispered to no one at all, a smile hidden under her big jacket she had to wear to keep warm. “Yeah, it is.”

“KYA!” The blonde jumped a few feet in the air and turned around to see a smirking Natsu staring down at her. He laughed and patted her head, ruffling her hair as he did. “That was priceless!”

“Yeah, well, that was a d**k move…” Lucy pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away from the singer.

“Maybe you’re a d**k move.”

“Lamest. Comeback. EVER!”

“Oh yeah! At least I don’t jump every time someone talks behind me!”


“Heh, sure it is Luigi.”


“Wait… It’s not Luigi?”

Lucy’s eyes widened at his pure stupidity as she face palmed and shook her head. “Why on earth would my name be Luigi IF I’M A GIRL?!”

“… You’re a girl?”


Natsu could only laugh at this point. He almost started crying over how the blonde reacted. “Man! You’re such a kid to believe that I really didn’t know you’re girl!”

“Says the guy that’s never done his own laundry!”

The famous singer froze and became as quiet as a mouse. How did she know that if he never told her… “How did you-“

“Know that? Easy, when you were in your room doing whatever you do in there, Loke and Gray told me some pretty, fun facts, if you would call them that, about you.” Lucy smirked in victory as she walked away to join the other band members up ahead, leaving Natsu frozen in thought before he actually got what was going on.



And their yells filled the once-quiet building as the blonde and the pinkette ran down the halls as if they were little kids playing tag, snickers and laughs coming from the rest of the band at the amusing sight.

Yeah... I really don't feel like editing right now...

But (finally) here's chapter 2 of Thanks to Her! Took me forever and I'm truly sorry. *bows* Please forgive me.

:icondragonyawnplz: Anyways, I've got some homework to do and things to think about... Hope ya guys have a better day than I am... (damn headaches and sore throats...)


Chapter 1:…
Chapter 3: Coming (hopefully) soon!

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